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Mt. Sunzu Investment Opportunity

Luca and Yanik Costa are in the process of developing the Mt. Sunzu Coffee Estate in Zambia. We are looking for investors with a long-term perspective to collaborate on this project. Initial investments of CHF 3.6 million yield stable yearly cash flows of CHF 1.5 million starting in the seventh year after the first investment. The project promises an IRR of 25.0% over 20 years (excluding any exit payments from a potential sale) and a doubling of invested capital within 9 years. 

Coffee production and the development of a coffee farm can be characterized as long-term investments. The development period of the farm will last four years, during which financial support will be needed. The first harvest and therefore the opportunity of profit distribution is projected for the fifth year of operations. For this reason, we are looking for investors with a long-term investment perspective who are willing to support us as partners and co-owners. 

Besides the share ownership and inside views into our company we offer our partners the opportunity to profit from sustainable yearly cash flows once the farm is fully developed and therefore also provide an option to diversify their investments. 

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Our Coffee Production


We are valorising a 770 hectare farm in Northern Zambia. Our business plan assumes the development of high quality single-estate specialty Arabica coffee on 300 hectares. Cultivated below native trees providing shading for plants and workers. The remaining 470 hectares will be left in their original state as Miombo forest as ecological compensation area. 

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Our Impact Strategy


Consumers are increasingly interested and concerned how their consumption impacts the producers. Farmers – and therefore the Mt. Sunzu Coffee Estate – need to accelerate their pace to act as change agents and ignite a real transformation in the lives of smallholder farmers. What are we doing to accelerate change? Please have a look!

Impact Projects

Investor Relations


Thank you very much for the opportunity to share our vision of the Mt. Sunzu Coffee Estate with you. 

If you are interested in this project and would like to talk about investment opportunities, please don't hesitate to touch base with us. We are happy to talk to you and show you what we can offer.

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