Income Diversification by Valorising Organic Waste


What if organic waste could be used for local feed production to improve the soil, local economy, nutrition diet and well-being? The Mt. Sunzu Estate developed a strategy to provide tools for local smallholder farmers to help themselves to grow out of poverty. Knowledge transfer regarding the production of the black soldier fly (BSF) – Hermetia illucens – larvae is an innovative solution for smallholder farmers to diversify their household income. 


The farmers use their organic waste and agricultural by-products (e.g. pulp of coffee beans) as substrate for their larvae production. The Mt. Sunzu Coffee Estate collects and buys the larvae from the small-holder farmers, thus generating additional household income. The Mt. Sunzu Coffee Estate commercialises the larvae in bulk quantities by selling them to local pisciculture and piggery farms who will use the larvae to add a protein rich component to their feed programme.


The five UN SDG “No Poverty”, “Zero Hunger”, “Good health and well-being”, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, “Industry Innovation and Infra- structure” and ultimately to “Responsible Consumption and Production” are touched. We will promote a technical solution of low-tech bioconversion system for organic waste, valorise organic waste, produce a reliable protein source for local pisciculture and piggery farms, improve the sanitation on smallholder farms by processing organic waste and create a new income source for local small-holder farmers.